Confirmation of the Dimensional Adjustment Model of Organizational Structure in Municipal Sports Organizations

Sofia Nikolaidou, Vasilis Gialamas, Georgia Yfantidou, George Costa & George Mavrommatis

Year: 2015 Volume: 19 Issue: a

Pages: 1-11

Abstract: The presence of municipal sport organizations indicates the priority, which is given from the local authority in the well-being of citizens. On the other hand, it constitutes the basis upon which sports are built in national level. The whole body of the organizations has an organizational structure. The organizational structure is a system of registration of employment and the relations that govern them. The basic dimensions are: concentration, complexity and formalization. The purpose of this study is to confirm or contradict the proposed, based on the literature, model of organizational structure in municipal sports organizations. The Sport Commission Organization Structure Survey questionnaire was used in order to conduct it. The participants were 100 Greek municipal sport organizations. Factor analysis detected four factors: departmentalization, concentration, specialization and formalization. The results confirmed partially the proposed model. The ‘Cronbach a’ was used to calculate the reliability factors ranged from .40 to .70. The confirmatory factor analysis was used to determine the adjustment or not to the new model in the data. Based on the model of the confirmatory factor analysis it is revealed that it was slightly acceptable. Finally, although there was a marginal confirmation of the new model, it appears that questions of this survey require further improvement.