Good Governance and Management Practices: The Perspectives of Cyprus National Sport Federations Administrators

Nicos Kartakoullis, George Karlis, Tim Walker, Marianna Catherine Locke

Year: 2015 Volume: 19 Issue: d

Pages: 62-74

Abstract: Administrators of sport organizations have increasingly become aware of the importance of management not only for the operation of their day to day affairs, but also for the successfully operation of their respective sport organizations. In the case of national sport federations, management techniques that implement good governance can ultimately lead to success not only in the boardroom but also on the playing field as well. The purpose of this paper is to examine the perception of good governance and management by National Sport Federations administrators in Cyprus. Specifically, the objective of this paper is to examine: 1) the perception of good governance and management in National Sports Federations, and 2) the challenges in introducing good governance and better management practices in the sport system of Cyprus. The results revealed a positive perception orientation towards the inclusion of good governance as a management practice by National Sport Federation administrators. The results also revealed a limited understanding as well as a skill set for the application of good governance and management practice.