Testing a Leisure Constraints Model in the Context of Asian International Students

Youngho Park, Taeho Yoh and Meungguk Park

Year: 2015 Volume: 20 Issue: d

Pages: 58-83

Abstract: The purpose of the current study was to examine the psychometric properties of a leisure constraints model within the context of Asian international students attending colleges in the U.S. Data were collected from a sample of 116 Asian international students attending a Midwestern university in the U.S. Eight (7 constraints and a dependant) factors were identified through EFA with a promax rotation. Construct validity of leisure constraints was confirmed with a CFA . Among the constraint factors, the Lack of Time found to be the most significant obstacle inhibiting Asian international students from participating in physical activity. Additionally, the results from SEM found that the constraint factors explained a significant amount of variance in the future non-intention in the physical activity participation. The results from the current study provide both theoretical and practical implication for scholars and practitioners as the study found a unique set of constraint factors applicable for Asian international students.