An exploratory study of job satisfaction levels of athletic marketing directors at national collegiate athletic association (ncaa) division i-a institutions

Stacey A. Hall, Ashley Gibson Bowers, Christina L. L. Martin

Year: 2010 Volume: 6 Issue: a

Pages: 1-17

Abstract: The purpose of this exploratory study was to investigate the job satisfaction of intercollegiate marketing directors at 329 NCAA Division I-A institutions using the Abridged Job Descriptive Index (aJDI) and Abridged Job in General (aJIG) scale. Determining job satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) may provide insight for college athletic departments in developing systems that will enhance employee motivation and productivity in order to build a more stable and engaged marketing workforce. A total of 136 surveys were returned for a 41.3% response rate. Results indicated that marketing directors are satisfied with work on present job (96%), supervision (84%), coworkers (88%), and promotion (59%). Majority of respondents (93%) indicated they are satisfied with their job in general. However, close to one-third of respondents indicated they were dissatisfied with their present pay (33%).