Leisure Times Status Amongst Students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences –Yazd, Iran

Mohammad Hassan Lotfi, Amir Houssain Aminian, Aghdasea Ghomizadea

Year: 2011 Volume: 7 Issue: d

Pages: 44-52

Abstract: A large number of the selected students are admitting for the Iranian University to acquire scientific and insight subjects annually. In this way, exposing to different cultural manners, new conditions of educational and dormitory residence place can affect psycho-social aspects of students where a not good planning for fulfilling times of leisure can produce psycho-social problems. This analytic cross sectional study was planned to evaluate the status of lesiure time amongst students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd-2008. 254 students selected by stratified sampling method and interviewed by a pre-tested questionnaire including different related items. A significance level of .05 was considered for study results. Out of 254 students, 181 of those were girls and 73 boys. Mean of leisure time was 4.7 hours in a day. 70% of students expressed a planned of lesiure time & 58.6% were satisfied from spending of it. The priorities for filling of times of leisure were personal affairs (28.1%), watching TV (26.3%), non-lesson study (22.4%), being with friends (18%) and sport (5.2%) respectively.79.3% of students interested in to study story, Roman and Scientifics books. mean of study lessons was found to be 2.14 hours in a day. there was seen a significant relationship between sex and residence place with leisure times status (p<.05). The results of study showed that majorities of students had no planned ways for their leisure times where it may be considered as an important gap in the student curriculum.