Sport As a Key Partner in the “Big Four’s Reign” in the Western World?

Earle F. Zeigler, Ph.D.

Year: 2011 Volume: Special Issue Issue: a

Pages: 1-7

Abstract: This statement is made for the consideration of those scholars who concern themselves with the so-called social science of sport, as well as with sport philosophy. It is at heart more of a brief exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of sport and developmental physical activity for present life. I state boldly first as a given that sport has obviously become an extremely powerful social force in society. If we grant that it now has such power in our culture–a power indeed that appears to be growing steadily–we can also recognize that any such social force affecting society can be dangerous if perverted (e.g., positive nationalism to blind chauvinism,; normal commercialism to excessive commercialism; wholesome sport competition to “own-the-podium mentality). Assuming the rationale behind these assertions, I believe that, while sport has grown as an important social force, it now also appears to have become a societal institution with an inadequately defined theory.