The Jordan Romero Case; A Biological Super Athlete or a Product of the Sport Industry

George Kipreos

Year: 2012 Volume: 9 Issue: d

Pages: 52-60

Abstract: Many questions have arisen in regards to Jordan Romero’s climbing actions, in terms of ethics and legality. Although, he has already successfully climbed most of the highest summits, his last expedition to climb mountain Everest, has found strong opposition and criticism. Jordan’s decision to climb Everest, at the age of 13, comes into contradiction with the convention on Human Rights, the International Public Law, the climbing rules and regulations of Nepal, and the Law of U.S.A. What should also be put into reference is the fact that Romero’s pursuit violates the Article No. 1 in the Declaration of Tyrol 2002 (Mountaineering), which defines individual responsibility for the activities of the climber. This paper outlines the legal and ethical aspects of Jordan’s venture, taking into account the biological hazards.