Factors Influencing International Sporting Success- An Analysis of Indian Sports System

Nandakumar T.R., Jaspal Singh Sandhu

Year: 2014 Volume: 15 Issue: b

Pages: 13-31

Abstract: The success of a nation in sports depends increasingly on a number of closely interrelated factors. Previous research provides an overview of important determinants that can lead to international sporting success. Subsequently, many studies have used these determinants as a framework, to compare the elite sports policies of various countries to determine the homogeneity and differences. This study has analysed the elite sports system in India based on the determinants already identified by previous research. The study has used various public documents such as parliamentary standing committee reports, annual reports of Ministry of sports and other policy documents as the sources of data generation. This research exposes the current standing of the sports system in India and the necessary steps that need to be taken to take the Indian sports to new heights.