The Study of Organizational and Occupational Commitment Among Physical Education Employees in Governmental Universities of Iran

Reza Andam, Amir Montazeri, Samira feizi

Year: 2014 Volume: 15 Issue: c

Pages: 32-48

Abstract: The purpose of this paper was to investigate the organizational behavior of employees (as expressed by organizational and occupational commitment) in physical education offices at Iranian Universities. The sample that was used included 82 employees from 20 Universities in 5 geographic regions of Iran. The research Instruments were the “Organizational and Occupational Commitment Questionnaires” (Allen & Meyer, 1997) comprised 18 items (3 subscales of Affective, Normative and Continuance).The reliability of Organizational Commitment Questionnaire and Occupational Commitment Questionnaire were α = .83 and .82 respectively. The result showed that the average of organizational commitment and occupational commitment was 3.59±.519 and 3.64±.513 respectively. Also, there was a significant and positive correlation between organizational and occupational commitment (r=0.72, p=.001).There was a significant difference in occupational commitment with regard to level of education (F (3, 77) =3.343, p=.023), But there was no significant difference in organizational commitment and occupational commitment with regard to gender, years of service and employment status. Because of the existence of a positive and meaningful relationship between organizational commitment and occupational commitment, it was advised to the managers of physical education offices to attend seriously to their organizational commitment and its subscales for fast achievement to the organization’s aims. Attending to the organizational and occupational commitment of employees will increase the proficiency and effectively of them.