An Examination of the Relationships between Motivation, Involvement and Intention to continuing Participation among Recreational Skiers

Charilaos Kouthouris

Year: 2009 Volume: 4 Issue: a

Pages: 1-19

Abstract: The present study investigated the degree to which motivation and involvement can predict intention to continuing skiing participation, and additionally tested the degree to which involvement acted as a mediator on the relationship between motivation and intention. Two hundred and twenty four recreational skiers (58.2% males and 41.8% females) from a major skiing resort in South Greece, participated in the study and filled the questionnaires measuring motivation (Manfredo et al., 1997), involvement (Kyle et al., 2004), and intentions to continuing participation (Ajzen, 1987). The results supported initial hypothesis since intention was significant predicted by motivation (R2=.21) and involvement (R2=. 46) respectively. Furthermore involvement dimensions, (attraction & centrality) partially (not fully) mediated the relationship between motivation and intention. Marketing implications of these results are discussed.