The Psychological Mood of Adult Participants in Aerobics, Greek Traditional Dances and Muscle Strengthening Programs

Maria Genti, Dimitrios Goulimaris, Georgia Yfantidou

Year: 2009 Volume: 4 Issue: c

Pages: 41-53

Abstract: The aim of the study was to examine the differences in the psychological mood of individuals who participated in three different exercise programs, aerobics, Greek traditional dances and muscle strengthening with additional weights. The sample consisted of 161 individuals. An adapted version of the Greek population (Zervas, Ekkekakis, Psychoudaki & Kakkos, 1993) questionnaire of (McNair, Lorr & Droppleman, 1971) «Profile of mood states» (POMS) was used to collect data. This instrument was used to evaluate stress-tension, depression, aggression, energy, fatigue and the Total Psychological Mood (TPM). The questionnaire was given to the participants before and after the implementation of the three programs. A multi variable variance analysis was conducted (MANOVA) among the three programs so as to examine the differences as far as the 6 factors of the questionnaire is concerned. A variance analysis (One – Way ANOVA) was conducted to examine if differences in the T.P.M. existed for each program. From the data process, differences were found to exist for depression, aggression, energy, fatigue, and T.P.M. It was concluded that, participation in Greek traditional dances and aerobics programs improves more effectively the psychological mood in comparison to the muscular strengthening programs.