Relationship Among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Renewal Intentions in Recreation Theme Park in Greece

Ilias Flabouras Nietos, Eleni Zournatzi, Athanasios Koustelios, George Costa

Year: 2015 Volume: 18 Issue: c

Pages: 41-55

Abstract: Theme parks are a very popular form of recreation around the world. They are focused on one or more central themes and they are expected to attract significant investing interest in the following years. The purpose of this research was to study the effect of service quality concerning the satisfaction of the participants in a theme park and their renewal participating intentions. The survey involved 272 adults in a theme park. The questionnaire of Chang and Lee (2004), adapted to the needs of the theme park, was used to evaluate the quality, the satisfaction and the renewal intentions of the participants. Results showed a significant positive relationship among quality, satisfaction and renewal intentions, while partial correlations showed moderate positive relationship among these factors, the management of the theme parks should take all this into account for the proper designing and improvement of the services they provide.