Development of a Conceptual Model in International Sport Tourism: Exploring Pre-And Post- Consumption Factors

Danny Woo-Sik Choi, David J. Shonk & Gonzalo Bravo

Year: 2016 Volume: 21 Issue: b

Pages: 21-47

Abstract: The purpose is to develop a model of consumer behavior in international sport tourism that examines both pre-and post-consumption factors in international sport tourism. A secondary purpose is to address international visitation by introducing national culture as an important component of the model. The proposed model suggests that certain cultural characteristics influence an international sport tourist and these cultural characteristics impact both motivation and travel constraints. Motivation also has a direct relationship to travel constraints. Both motivation and travel constraints influence the tourist’s image of both the destination and the sporting event. Finally, trip quality leads to satisfaction, which mediates the relationship with intent to return. Discussion follows with application to understanding the purchase decision making process drawn from the literature in sport tourism, consumer behavior, cross cultural studies and information processing theory.