Sport Commitment and Purchase Intentions of Intercollegiate Boxing Coaches and Participants

Lamar Reams

Year: 2016 Volume: 22 Issue: c

Pages: 44-62

Abstract: The current study analyzed the sport commitment and purchase intentions of club level intercollegiate boxers and coaches.  Participants at United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA) member institutions (N = 155) completed an online survey answering questions regarding their sport commitment and future equipment purchase intentions.  Multivariate analysis discovered significant sport commitment differences among boxers and coaches, Wilk’s Λ = .838, F (7, 125) = 3.46, p <.05; with coaches being slightly more committed (M = 4.56, SD = .56) and personally invested than their boxing counterparts (M = 4.56, SD = .52).  For the second research question, an analysis of covariance (using sport commitment as the covariate) was conducted to analyze potential differences across coaches and boxers on equipment purchase intentions.  No significant differences among boxers and coaches were found, F (1, 92) = .400, p = .529.  Discussion within the manuscript includes academic implications and pragmatic recommendations.