Characteristics and Motivations of Sports Officials in the Province of Québec

Denis Auger, Julie Fortier, André Thibault, Daniel Magny and François Gravelle

Year: 2010 Volume: 5 Issue: b

Pages: 28-50

Abstract: Participation in sport and recreation is important for Quebecers’ health, both mentally and physically. Sports in the province of Québec are organised under the tutelage of Sports-Québec. This is a non-profit organization composed of and representing 63 provincial sports federations, supporting 90 sports and 17 regional leisure and sport units. Federations are responsible for the development of their coaches, instructors and officials. Most federations and associations identify difficulties in recruiting, retaining and shortages of officials. The purpose of this article is to describe the profile of officials in the province of Québec and to identify motivations, perceptions, expectations and attitudes towards roles and functions in their sport and within the Québec sports system. Québec sports officials usually begin when they are young, then often leave, but some return later in life. Most of them come from within the sport; in general, team sports officials are more stressed; officials from individual sports need more time; and financial considerations are an important factor but not the only element for officials. Based on the results presented in this paper and discussion with the decision makers in the field, it is imperative to develop a strategic plan that will better take into consideration the needs of sports officials.

The data used in this study was made available by UQTR’s “Laboratoire en loisir et vie communautaire”, Sports-Québec and the Ministère de l’éducation, du loisir et du sport du Québec. This paper would not have been possible without their help and support.