Examining Brand in Sport in a Post-Television World: Have We Entered a Post-Brand Paradigm?

Michael E. Pfahl

Year: 2014 Volume: 16 Issue: a

Pages: 1-36

Abstract: This paper explores the world of sport marketing in relation to changing contextual factors taking place necessitating a shift in marketing strategy and practice. Using a systemic and structuration oriented perspective, it examines the emerging concepts of the post-television world, a post-brand paradigm, and the concept of total marketing. The discussion will focus on key drivers of change in an emerging post-television world: digital technologies, lifestyles, youth culture, individuals-within-communities, wiki-worlds, and consumer backlash. Implications for sport marketers and potential future research emerging from important strategic challenges (brand changes, the important element of content, and metrics for success) are provided as a way to understand how past principles can and are used in such a context.