Sport and Common Business Practices for the Sport Investor through the Lens of Islam

Chad Seifried, Mojdeh Pajoutan

Year: 2014 Volume: 16 Issue: d

Pages: 69-93

Abstract: The size of the Muslim market has attracted many investors. However, sport investment in Muslim communities is ripe with difficulty due to a lack of appreciation for the impact of Islam on daily activities and conflicted perceptions regarding the place of Islam in modern society. The focus of this paper serves to identify the place of sport in Muslim communities and then explain the nature of some major business activities (i.e., contracts, hiring customs, governance, and risk aversion), through the lens of Islam, that support the practice of sport. To complete this study, the authors examined historical Islamic texts such as the: a) Quran; b) Sunna; c) Hadith; and d) al-Qawaidul-Faghiyyah to show non-Muslims how the institutionalized practice of ‘modern’ sport may conflict with Islam.