Research on Recreation Preference of Country Parks in Beijing

Xueying Li, Tong Qi, Guoqing Zhang

Year: 2016 Volume: 24 Issue: a

Pages: 1-21

Abstract: The paper took the Nanhaizi Country Park and the Dongba Country Park as samples to study recreationists’ preferences. First, we selected 24 recreational indicators and divided them into 9 categories according to their properties, then, these indicators were used to do a random survey of 411 recreationists to determine their recreation preferences. Factor Analysis was conducted on the data by SPSS 19.0, the results showed that main recreation preference activities of people were traditional outdoor sports, group activities and relaxation activities, these activities were the greatest common factors which explained 30.918% variance, therefore, recreation projects such as fitness activities and group activities can be designed in country parks; as the common factor 4 and common factor 5, sightseeing and photography as well as activities enabling people close to nature belonged to the lowest preference activities, which explained 9.023% and 8.397% variance respectively. According to results of recreation characteristics, recreation motivations and recreation preferences, country parks should develop recreation items with their own characteristics. The study can provide some references for planning and management of country parks, improvement of recreational space quality and tourism study.